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Providing Hope

It's being given an opportunity to go to school. To receive after school help on homework and projects. To receive a really healthy, nutritious meal most days of the week. To receive medical and dental help. To create a brighter future..

Daily we visit homes. We spend time with people and families that have very real, very urgent needs. This list details a majority of our initiatives that we need your participation in.


Where there’s a need, God provides ways to provide. We provide an opportunity for education for more than 100 children. We provide a daily meal for more than 200 children per day. We offer hope through sharing the message of Jesus. We need your help, though.

Our Purpose

We've got some new members that've recently joined our ministry team here in Guatemala. Some old friends have returned and some new friends have joined with us. We want to share with you a bit about these ladies as many of you will get the opportunity to meet them when you work alongside us on a mission trip this year!


Vilma worked with us a year ago full time, but has since married and had a baby boy, Carlitos.  She is back working for us part time.  She will be working with the students in the Child Sponsorship Project in the afternoons.  Vilma will be responsible for taking time to help the students with things that they are struggling with in school and to encourage them to do homework and study hard in school.  She will be making home visits to the parents of the students.  She is also taking turns teaching God’s Word in both feeding centers.  We are very happy to have Vilma back working with us on our ministry team!


Cynthia began volunteering with our ministry in 2014 and was our main volunteer in the Child Sponsorship Project.  She primarily worked with the first grade students.  This year Cynthia is working part time with the younger students to help encourage them in their studies and also to get to know them in their lives.  She will be meeting with students and visiting their homes to learn more about the needs of the students.  Cynthia is studying to be a teacher and social worker.  She will be a great benefit to have on our team this year.  We are praying that Cynthia that she will come to know Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.


Carolina is new to our ministry.  She began working with us in January.  She will be a huge part of the new program with have implemented to help our students do better in school.  Carolina is a wife and mother of two small children.  In school she studied to be a social worker and her past jobs have been in this area.  Carolina teaches children on Sundays at her church.  In the ministry she will be working with the older students helping them on their path to future jobs.  She will guide them with what and where to study.  She will make home visits and speak with the parents of our students sharing with them God’s love and forgiveness for our sins.  Carolina will also be teaching God’s Word in both feeding centers.  She will be a huge help here at Ministerios Buena Vista.

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