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Prayer Needs

Malnourishment is a serious problem in the area in which we serve in Guatemala. In 2011, we opened our first feeding center in the remote mountain village of San Cristobal El Bajo where today we provide 40-50 meals daily  to children (and few adults). In 2014, we opened our second feeding center in San Pedro Las Huertas that provides meals for more than 100 children per day! Many children here go without eating for days at a time or only have tortillas, bread or a small amount of black beans to sustain them. In addition to meals, they are also receiving vitamins, Bible lessons and weekly scripture memorization incentive. We've seen tremendous improvement in the health of those who've taken advantage of this program!

In October of 2017, Buena Vista started going to a special needs orphanage once per week. We saw a great need at this small orphanage. Having children all with special needs is a challenge within itself. The director started this orphanage 15 years ago. They have 26 children that live there full-time. Other children with special needs come in each day during the week to receive classes for their schooling. We have been providing them with medical gloves and doing some light repairs on the facility and anything else that is needed. This orphanage cares for the needs of these children. From therapy, schooling, teaching children how to walk and eat, giving meds, to teaching God's Word - this is a blessed and joyful place.

To attend public school in Guatemala isn't free. Uniforms and fees are required for all grade levels. It can cost as much as $200 for a year to provide school fees for an average elementary student. Many children can't afford to attend or must stay at home to help provide income for their families. Our sponsorship program allows more than 120 children the opportunity to attend school and one-on-one tutoring. Basic medical/dental assistance and food baskets are also included. Personal relationships with your sponsor child are encouraged. All this for only $30 per month!

The Transition Ministry is something that fell into our laps as our students began to graduate high school and enter the real world we began to brainstorm how we can further help them in this endevor. The Transition Ministry is designed to help students learn how to budget their money and learn lessons of adulthood that they may not have been able to learn growing up. This is our newest ministry and if you would like to give toward this work you can click the button below.

Mission Teams

Each and every person can pray for Ministerios Buena Vista. Prayer is a vital part of our daily needs and we truly can feel your prayers. Buena Vista is a busy ministry that works in many areas of Guatemala. Some areas are very rural and hard to get to. Travel safety in Guatemala is always a need when you pray. Some areas are run by gangs and there is much extorsion by local leaders. We are in constant need for prayers of safety. Diseases are prominent in many children, and health care is not good. Prayers for good health are needed. Running a large ministry means long hours and many employees. We need prayer for strength and wisdom. There are many other areas you can help Buena Vista by prayer. So please, PRAY.


Many opportunities exist annually to personally visit and work alongside the team. Weeklong trips are scheduled during the Summer months, Spring Break and over New Year's. Whether you're a party of one or a youth group of 14, we have a spot for you. During the week, you can expect to participate in most areas of the ministry and we typically will build a home for a family in need in the community. You'll also get to meet with your sponsor children! Be prepared to get dirty, to work hard and to receive so much more than you can ever give. The need is great. Come, fall in love with Guatemala.